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Adobe Max 2009 – Wrap Up, Part 4

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Flash Lite on your digital device

Overview Part of it’s Open Screen project, Flash Lite is Adobe’s foray into getting it’s player on device platforms through cooperating OEM providers.

Summary This is a slow process for a few reasons. For starters there are few OEM devices playing nice with Adobe, specifically Apple. The biggest one that was trotted out was the Broadcom device which enables Flash Lite 3 on your TV. Some folks like Netflix, Intel, and most notably the New York Times have decided to jump on board as well since they’ve already have played nice with Adobe’s XD team in making Times Reader 2.0 in AIR

But currently we’re seeing flash being used only as a display mechanism for user interfaces and the demonstrations, like the one for the Netflix player, have little to no motion design and don’t tap into flash’s code capabilities. 

Perspective There is a lot to be desired as of today but Flash Lite is the best hope we have for creating singular rich experiences in Flash that easily work across the digital landscape (web, phones, TVs, and other devices). 


Written by youplusme

October 11, 2009 at 9:36 pm

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