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Tonight’s Feature: What’s the big idea?!

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Exploded view of engineCreatives are like a staff of well paid doctors, we are on call, at the ready for anything. But instead of cauterizing wounds or extracting bullet fragments, we have to think of mind blowing “creative”. It’s not dissimilar to comedians who have to be funny and funny right now.

So when that call comes in to be creative it’s easy to get lost in the sea of client demands crammed into the brief. “This campaign should be product, price, feature, and tech driven”. Like any good creative you start the process of whittling down campaign directions, some funny, some serious, and some that are a safe bet. You feel solid about these directions because they align with the brief. So you are ready to show them in the client meeting.

Problem is, there not ideas. Sure, you’ve talked about the product features, the price point,  several adjectives describing the product, and wrapped them in an interactive shell that uses that latest flash AS3 code, but these aren’t ideas. There features, just parts of the idea. 

A true idea is a compelling narrative that alters your audience’s perspective that elicits a positive reaction. If they believe in your unique story you can compel them to do anything. 

So my point today is to compel you, the creative, to avoid the campaign “concept” that talks about the size of the engine, the color of the house, or the amounts of gigabytes. Because there is a time for data sheets and case studies and THEN there is a time for big ideas. Lets think bigger and better so the next time we’re called on to be creative we really are.


Written by youplusme

November 15, 2008 at 7:24 pm