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Adobe Max 2009 – Wrap Up, Part 2

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Augmented Reality

Overview As we know Flash can talk to a web cam (sweet). And now the FLAR toolkit has been made available for Flash. Enter augmented reality, where you can print out a special black square icon, hold it up to your web cam and see a 3-D flash animation. Here is a tutorial on how to build a piece

Examples Now we’ve seen this before with , , the post office’s priority mail , , mini ad , and what I think is the most successful application of this technology yet, Topps

Perspective So yeah!, this is totally cool, or is it? Well for most of these applications there are several man-hours put in to getting the print out of the black square to work just right for their custom purpose. Going beyond the FLAR toolkit and doing something custom takes a significant investment of time and money. That brings me to my other point which is, where is the business ROI? Beyond the gimmickry of marketing campaigns, Sasquatch I have my laser scope targeted on you, there are very little practical examples that show a direct connection to a business bottom line. Sure we increase brand awareness but with the exception of a sophisticated client it’s going to be a hard sell. And oh, if you don’t have a printer it’s a no go period.



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October 11, 2009 at 9:33 pm

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