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Adobe Max 2009 – Wrap Up, Part 1

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Flash for the iPhone

Overview While Adobe has yet to wedge it’s foot in the door and get the Flash player on the iPhone they have managed to allow for flash developers to create iPhone apps through the Flash application.

Summary So in short you will be able to create iPhone apps in the flash dev environment and export your files as an “.ipa” (your code is compiled by LLVM). From which you can test your app in a desktop emulator allowing you to see every feature with the exception of the accelerometer. If you don’t like testing on your desktop then you can sync your app/.ipa file right to your iPhone or iTouch and test it there. You will need to be a member of the iPhone dev program before submitting your app to the iTunes store.

Limitations Now there are some limitations here because this is still in development (releasing 6 months from now?). That said they are going to allow you to access the media library API (can’t use the camera but you can send photos to the camera roll), multiple touch (two points), gestural navigation (similar to Force Unleashed iPhone app), net connection, geolocation services, and audio access. You also can link to all native iPhone apps such as mail, the phone, Safari, etc.

They are not providing support for AS 2.0 and below, HTML loader, remotely loaded SWF files that contain code, native iPhone push content, and pixelbender.

Perspective The iPhone apps as they stand today will run dreadfully slow, twice as slow run time as regular iPhone apps, and animation at 3 FPS. After some discussions with lead developers on the project they claim to be working through these issues before BETA release so we’ll see how it shakes out. The other side of this is how the ease of use will enable more people to create iPhone apps, hooray! But with that comes a deluge of bad applications. The later doesn’t make Apple jump for joy because an app that crashes the iPhone is perceived as an apple failure and not the app provider.

Either way I see my company adding this to it’s capabilities very soon and rockin out some best of breed apps.

To learn/see more go to:


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October 11, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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