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Interactive sharecropper?

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Don\'t be an interactive sharecropper

So you’ve been asked by the next multi-million dollar company to create a compelling visual interface that enables users to interact with “X” data driving the ease of product sales over the web. Oh and can you build the backend for this? of course you can. Sounds amazing, right? Sure it does, because you love their multi-million dollar product and their going to pay your highly exorbitant fee. Naturally you say, “who in here wants to get crazzzy and have some Cavasia?”

Wrong, you just got Rick rolled , no really they just stole your kid’s college tuition straight from your safe from behind the Thomas Kinkade painting. Come again?! Here’s how the heist went down. Said company paid you a quarter if not less for the eventual profits the product, you made, will end up making them. Said product needs little to no upkeep, it’s scalable, and does the work of 1000+ employees.

That’s right you’re an interactive sharecropper working their digital field, a bonafide conSLUTant and your going to do the same job but for a different client next month and have no ownership in what you just made. Sucks to be us, or does it?

Kids it’s time to start rewriting the business contracts where we own a percentage in our output. Imagine next time said multi-million dollar company roles up with a web project and you cut your rate down to the tone of reasonable and build in a percentage you get for every sale through said project app. Charge less, own more, and build your interactive bank account.


Written by youplusme

June 26, 2008 at 5:09 pm

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