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As the designated audio / visual technician for all documentation of family gatherings I’ve become more intimate with online tools that let you share, distribute, mix, mash-up, compile, organize, and do other things you may never ever want to do.

Over the last decade we’ve seen the rise of photo sharing and printing sites like Shutterfly, for whom I just designed the full screen gallery player for and Kodak EasyShare, where I was on the team that branded, advertised, and designed the launch of the whole product line. Since that time we’ve seen the rise of who video remixer/editor

just released a video remixer tool powered by Adobe Premiere Express. This follows the trend of such early sites as Dj Spooky’s Absolut DJ where you could upload mp3’s and mix tracks in real time and further realized by Old Spice’s commercial remixer, which I designed some advertising and promotion for.

So before and especially after uploading Christmas videos, photos, and music it seems there are alot of new companies in this space and all seem to be heading in the same direction. Here are just a few…




Bright Cove


This brings me to my point, and I do have one, why are people trying to invent there own player, uploader, sharer, finder, aggregator, or whatever. The ship has sailed on this race so lets try focusing on what content we’re uploading versus the mechanism.


Written by youplusme

December 26, 2007 at 1:39 am

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